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Stacked Wooden Logs



Firelight Galleries is your local supplier of premium fireplaces and products that will turn your fireplace into a showplace. We pride ourselves on providing quality products, with in-house installers to make sure your project is completed to the highest standard.

We represent a wide variety of quality manufacturers of fireplaces, inserts, stoves, mantels & accessories.  Our outdoor products include fireplaces, firepits, barbecues & barbecue components for outdoor kitchens.

With over 30 years of construction experience  and the fireplace industry, we bring the expertise needed to guide you through your project.
Take a look at our portfolio and give us a call. We are happy to answer any questions you may have!

Our Portfolio


Want to know more about the fireplace you have or the one you are about to get?

An Insert is a smaller wood, pellet, or gas unit that gets inserted into your existing fireplace. Inserts almost always come with a "shroud" that attaches to the unit and closes up the opening so that you don't see the box itself.

A Fireplace is a wood, gas, and sometimes pellet units that get put into either new framing in a new home or new framing in a remodel.

A Fireplace Remodel can be done to tear out your old fireplace and up-date it with a new one, whether it be gas or wood. A typical remodel includes your current fireplace surround (tile, stone, mantel, ...) being torn off, the old fireplace and pipe removed, framing most likely will have to be re-framed, plumbing and electrical moved to correct location, new fireplace unit installed with new pipe, new sheetrock installed and textured, any other finish material installed (tile, stone, mantels, ...), and finally the new fireplace can be set up and turned on. A Fireplace Remodel usually cost more and requires a bit more time to be completed, however, the viewing area is larger than an insert and most of the time produces more heat.

A Masonry Fireplace is a brick fireplace that have brick or stone from the floor inside the home, through the ceiling and up to the chimney. 

A Zer0-Clearance Wood Burning Fireplace is a manufactured metal box with fake looking brick panels on the back and sides that are made of a concrete type material. Often times these ZC Boxes have a gas log lighter installed that is hooked up to a gas key to light your wood as well as sliding glass doors. The chimney on the outside of the house usually is stucco and has a metal pipe and metal cap sticking out the top of the stack. There are a few ways to go to a gas unit from these ZC Boxes: a less efficient but better looking gas log set, a small gas insert with new flue-piping and cap (usually this insert is very small), or a complete "tear-out" / remodel to replace it with a fireplace.

A Gas Fireplace or Insert can be either Natural Gas or Propane.

Wood Burning Fireplaces and Inserts usually have new cleaner burning standards and regulations. The newer style wood units have a "honeycomb" like device called a catalytic combuster that traps the smoke in the box with the fire and causes it to re-burn itself and filter down to create cleaner emissions. With this new system it is highly recommended to only burn paper with the starting of each burn. Too much paper or waste being burned with this system can cause the combuster to clog up and not function correctly.

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